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Is it legal to mount my phone in my car?

Most countries and states/territories have outlawed the use of a hand-held device whilst driving, but allow the use of a smartphone for navigation, music selection and taking hands free calls provided the user doesn't handle the phone.

Our Car Mounts are the perfect solution, as they place your phone within your line of sight (and keep it charged with our Wireless Charging Heads) without the need for you to touch it once you're on the road. This way you can use your favourite navigation apps safely and legally.

We strongly suggest checking the local laws and rules that apply to you whilst driving with your local road authorities as these will differ from area to area.

Which of the Car Mounts will suit my car the best?

Unlike our motorcycle mounts, the range of car mounts are a bit more universal, so it depends on your personal preference. Think about where you would like your phone to be mounted.

If you'd like to have your phone positioned directly in your line of sight Suction Windshield/Dash Mount might be the best option. If you'd like the phone positioned a bit lower than that the Adhesive Dash/Console Mount or Vent Mount might be the go!

  • The Vent Mount won't suit every type of vent, so we recommend double checking the suitability here.
  • The Adhesive Dash/Console Mount won't adhere to every material and dash surface, you can check out the adhesive suitability guide here.