Brake/Clutch Mount


Brake/Clutch Mount Installation


What are your mounts made of?

All of our standard mounts are built from durable glass-filled nylon. Our Pro range of mounts such as the Handlebar Mount Pro and Fork Stem Mount Pro are made with anodized aluminium.

Do I need a Vibration Dampener?

We have found that motorbikes with engines of all sizes are capable of producing the high-frequency vibrations that can damage smartphone cameras, so we recommend installing the Vibration Dampener on any Moto Mount, regardless of bike or phone model. You can find the Vibration Dampener here.

How many times can I use the bolts/hardware?

Due to the threadlocker installed on the screws, the hardware can be installed 2 times before requiring a replacement.
Get in touch with our support team using the links at the bottom of this page if you're in need of new bolts.

Can the product be mounted to brake/clutch clamps with recessed cap head screws?

No, as the spacers will not fit into the fastener cavity. The product is only suitable for handlebar brake/clutch clamps with existing non-recessed flange bolts.

How do you tell the difference between the bolt sizes in the retail box?

The bolts have size identifier markings on the top of the bolt head, L.D 8.8 for M6 and 3 radial lines for UNC ¼”-20.

Why are the bolt heads serrated?

The serrations on the underside of the head eliminate the need for an additional anti-rotation washer and de-risk customer assembly.

What threadlocker is installed on the bolts?

The threadlocker is ND593S, an automotive medium strength grade threadlocker.