Single and Dual Pivot Arms


Single Pivot Arm Installation
Dual Pivot Arm Installation


What is the difference between the Single Pivot Arm & Knuckle Adapter? They seem to do the same thing and the Single Pivot is slightly more expensive?

The main point of difference between both products is the ease & flexibility of use;

  • Single Pivot Arm can adjust both the position and angle of the ball without the need for a hex key.
  • The Knuckle Adapter requires a hex key to adjust to make any adjustments and removal. To change the position on the base the adapter also needs to be disassembled. KA would be more suited to a more permanent installation.
  • What is the ball dimensions in our Dual Pivot Arms


    Can I combine multiple arms, for example, an extension arm and a small dual-pivot arm?

    Yes since all the arms have 360 connections on them you could theoretically link as many arms together as you’d like, though it's worth considering the leverage that this will place on the base of the mount once a phone is attached.

    Can I use a Dual Pivot Arm with my existing ball mount from a 3rd party brand?

    The Dual Pivot Arms contain 22mm pivot balls, which aren't interchangeable with most ball mounts on the market which typically come in 25mm.