Vibration Dampener


Vibration Dampener Installation


What is a Vibration Dampener and do I need one on my motorcycle?

The Quad Lock Vibration Dampener has been created in response to the increased sensitivity of new smartphone camera's image stabilisation modules and the impact that some motorcycle engines have on these modules.

Quad Lock recommends the use of our Vibration Dampener for additional confidence when mounting all smartphone brands and models to any motorcycle.

Apple have released a support article regarding exposure to high frequency vibrations that you can view here..

Is the Vibration Dampener compatible with my current motorcycle mount setup?

The Vibration Dampener is compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts. For best performance, the Vibration Dampener should be installed as close to the phone as possible.

My phone seems have a slight wobble with the Vibration Dampener installed, is this normal?

Some movement is expected and is completely normal. We have fine tuned and tested the design to ensure the product delivers the best results by being springy and absorptive to dampen vibrations but firm enough so your phone feels secure and easily removable using Quad Lock's twist and lock mechanism.

Does using the camera while riding a motorcycle increase the chance of damaging the camera modules? 

The Vibration Dampener will be effective in reducing harmful vibrations, however, riding with your smartphone camera while recording can increase the risk of damage even with the dampener installed due to the camera modules continuing to focus during recording.

Do I need a Vibration Dampener for my bicycle?

We have designed our Vibration Dampener to be used specifically with motorcycle mounts to reduce the levels of high frequency vibrations that can affect the image stabilisation on new smartphones. Currently this is only a known issue with some motorcycles, not bicycles. It does however share the same connecting feature as the Out Front Mount Pro and can be attached to this bike mount if desired for your bicycle.