Vent Mount


Vent Mount Installation


Is the Vent Mount compatible with every type of air vent?

The Quad Lock Vent Mount has been designed to attach to a variety of car vents, however there some exceptions to which vent types it will work with. Please refer to the following guide to check the suitability of your vehicle.

Vent Suitability

The Vent Mount must be braced against 3 level fins to be installed. Please ensure the back of the mount is not interacting with the vent housing.

We recommend using the above diagrams as a guide for suitability, please be aware that Quad Lock cannot be liable for any damage that may occur during installation and use when the mount is free of fault or defect.

If you're not sure if your vents are suitable, feel free to take a photo and get in touch with our support team. We can help you determine which mount is right for you.


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