12V-24V Waterproof Wireless Charging Head


Waterproof Wireless Charging Head Installation


What Mounts does the 12V-24V Waterproof Wireless Charging Head fit? 

The charging head fits all our 360/Marine mounts and mounts which feature our index connecting feature such as our Motorcycle Mounts.

Is the Wireless Charger compatible with the vibration dampener?

Yes, these products are compatible and a super common combination!

Will it drain my battery?

This charger can drain your battery if not installed correctly. It's important that the Hardwired Waterproof Wireless Charging Head is connected to an ignition positive wire, as it will continue to draw power from the battery if connected directly to the battery or a steady positive wire.

If connected to the ignition positive wire of the vehicle, it will only draw power once the ignition is switched on.

Can I install this charger on a motorcycle?

Absolutely, this charger is suitable for motorcycles with no available USB Port or USB Power Supply.

However it's important that the charger is installed via the ignition positive wire and not the steady positive (directly to battery) so as to not drain the bike's battery.