Desk Mount


Desk Mount Installation


How does the Desk Mount stay in one place when I'm mounting my phone?

The Desk Mount features a re-usable nano suction adhesive base. This will act like a regular adhesive when being stuck down, except you can remove it and reinstall elsewhere as many times as you like.

My Desk Mount isn't sticking down after being pulled off the desk anymore, is there a solution?

Over time the nano-suction adhesive on the base of these can pick up dust and fibres that can affect how firmly the unit holds in place.

The good news is this can be easily fixed by using sticky tape or a lint roller to pick up anything from the base, once you've gone over the whole surface, have another go at attaching this to your desk.

Which "Heads" are compatible with the Desk Mount?

The Desk Mount is compatible with our MAG Head, MAG Wireless Charging Head, and standard Wireless Charging Head, all listed under Accessories below!


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