What are your mounts made of?

All of our standard mounts are built from durable glass-filled nylon. Our Pro range of mounts such as the Handlebar Mount Pro and Fork Stem Mount Pro are made with anodized aluminium.

Do I need a Vibration Dampener?

We have found that motorbikes with engines of all sizes are capable of producing the high-frequency vibrations that can damage smartphone cameras, so we recommend installing the Vibration Dampener on any Moto Mount, regardless of bike or phone model. You can find the Vibration Dampener here.

Do you make a motorcycle mount to suit 35mm handlebars?

Yep! Our Handlebar Mount Pro now supports 35mm bars! You can view the product page here..

Do you make an adaptor so I can use Quad Lock Mounts on a RAM Mount?

Yes we do! If you are currently using a motorcycle RAM mount, you can integrate with Quad Lock using the Quad Lock 1” Ball Adaptor Mount. You can view the product page here.. The 1" Ball Adaptor Mount is available to purchase in a kit with case or independently. Please note, we do not sell any third party RAM Mount or Socket Arm.

How do I change the color of my locking lever?

Just got a new Quad Lock Colored Lever and need help installing? No problem!
It's very quick and easy to make the change to your existing mount, all you need is a 3mm Allen (Hex) Key.