360 & Marine


Quad Lock 360 - Know it all!


Are the components waterproof?

Whilst the mount components like the bases and arms are constructed of glass-filled nylon and won't be affected by water - not all of the optional charging "Heads" are waterproof. If you want to include a wireless charger on a 360 mount that will be used where it's wet, we always suggest the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head.

Can I attach the 360 arms to my existing mounting set-up?

Yes, the 360 Arm range is compatible with our range our Index Lever Head Mounts which includes the Moto Mount Range.

Can I use the 360 range on my bicycle?

Yes, we would suggest using the Medium Bar Clamp as this fits similar sized bars as the Out Front Mount Pro.

Can I use my spare or existing lever head or Weatherproof Wireless Charger?

Yep! Both our standard lever heads and Weatherproof Wireless Charging Heads are compatible with the 360 range.

Are the screws suitable for use in a salt water environment?

Absolutely, our screws are made of 316 stainless steel which is recommended for use with Marine environments, especially those with chlorides present (salt water).

How can I change the color of my locking lever?

Just got a new Quad Lock Colored Lever and need help installing? No problem!
It's very quick and easy to make the change to your existing mount, all you need is a 3mm Allen (Hex) Key.