Universal Adaptors


Universal Adaptor Installation


Can I adhere the Universal Adaptor to any phone or phone case?

No, the Universal Adaptor uses uses a 3M VHB 4952 (very high bond) adhesive which bonds to smooth, non textured, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal. Take a look at this page to check if your existing phone case is made of a suitable material.

How do I remove the Universal Adaptor?

The Universal Adaptor can be removed from your phone or case with the application of heat, such as a hair dryer on a low heat setting.

Please be mindful not to damage the device or case with excess heat.

Once heat has been applied, peal adaptor from the device starting at one edge and working outwards. The original Universal Adaptor (square design) can be removed by connecting it to a mount and using the mount to leverage the adaptor off your phone or case.

Can I use a coloured MAG Ring on the MAG Universal Adaptor?

Unfortunately no, the magnets are built into the Universal Adaptor, so you can't swap out the ring like on our MAG Phone Cases.

How much weight can the Universal Adaptor hold?

We have successfully tested the Universal Adaptor with devices weighing up to 300g / 10.6oz. We highly recommend checking the Universal Adaptor Adhesive Guidelines to ensure the Universal Adaptor is being adhered to a suitable material.