Mirror Stem Mount + Adaptor Kit

Mirror Stem Mount + Adaptor Kit


Mirror Stem Mount and Adaptor Kit - How To Install


Where do you mount the Mirror Stem Mount on a motorcycle or scooter?

The Mirror Stem Mount is sandwiched between the mirror shaft and the mirror shaft mount interface. The Mirror Stem Mount can be assembled on the left hand or right hand side of the motorcycle.

What tools do you need to assemble the Mirror Stem Mount?

We recommend using a spanner to tighten the existing lock nut on the mirror shaft. Adjust the lock nut to ensure there is a minimum of 10mm of thread length before assembly.

Will the Mirror Stem Mount fit on all motorcycles?

The Motorcycle mount interface can vary significantly with trim profile, position of handlebar controls and surrounding components such as the clutch and brake reservoir. If required use a QL adapter to raise the mount interface to provide clearance to surrounding components and trim. QL adapters are sold separately as an Accessory.

Where does the adapter fit on a motorcycle/scooter?

The adapter is screwed into the existing Mirror shaft thread to raise the mount interface above surrounding trim, handlebar controls or the clutch and brake reservoir mount. They can be mounted on the lh or rh side of a motorcycle/scooter

What Motorbikes will the adapters fit?

The adapter thread sizes are the most common sizes found on motorcycles and appeal to a broad range of motorbikes. There are 4 adapters in the kit with 3 different thread sizes. The thread pitch is common to both the male and female thread on each adapter. M10 x 1.25 & M10 x 1.25 LH - Left hand thread M10 x 1.5 - BMW M8 x 1.25 - Smaller scooters. Piaggio


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