Quick Release Strap Mount


Quick Release Strap Mount Installation


Can I use the Quick Release Strap Mount on my Bicycle

Whilst it can be used on bicycles, the Quick Release Strap Mount has been designed as a temporary mounting solution for our users.

Feel free to check out our range of secure bicycle mounting options in the link below, if you are looking for a more permanent solution: https://www.quadlockcase.net/collections/shop-ride

The Strap Mount can fit on handlebar sizes between 20mm (0.79") to 38mm (1.5") If your handlebar is within this range this might be suitable for your set-up.

However as the mount is held in place with velcro, I’d recommend routinely checking the straps have a strong bind before each ride to avoid any movement once your phone is attached.

Is there a way to fit this on a pram or golf buggy handle that is wider than 38mm in diameter?

Yep! You can link two velcro straps together to essentially double the diameter. You can purchase a second strap here.

Is the Quick Release Strap Mount compatible with different heads?

Yep, the Quick Release Strap Mount is compatible with all of our various heads! For example, you could attach a MAG Head for low impact activity like navigating the golf course.