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Quad Lock Universal Adaptors - Know it all!


Can I buy a new phone case to use with my existing mount setup?

You sure can! Whilst you can buy our cases in a "kit" with a mount, you can purchase them individually too. Take a look at our full range of cases here.

Do you make waterproof cases?

Unfortunately no. Quad Lock cases are not waterproof, however using the Quad Lock Poncho will provide increased weather resistance as it provides better protection from light rain, dust and mud, but it is not waterproof. Please use your discretion when using Quad Lock in bad weather or muddy terrain.

Most newer phones have a water resistance rating (Ingress Protection) and can be used in wet conditions without a waterproof case.

Does the Poncho impact the use of the touchscreen?

If using a screen protector in combination with a Poncho, the extra thickness can make the touch screen considerably less responsive and sometimes having no response.

We do not recommend using a screen protector and poncho at the same time if you intend on operating the touch screen.

If I buy a MAG Case can I use it with my existing non-MAG mounts?

Absolutely! Our MAG cases feature both a magnetic locking feature as well as the Quad Lock Twist-To-Lock mechanism.

Do you make a case for iPads/Tablets?

Unfortunately, we don't make cases for iPads or tablets at this time.

We do have an Adhesive Adapter which can be used on small tablets like the iPad Mini, you can view the product page here.

Can I use the headphone jack/charging port with the Poncho installed?

Unfortunately, no. Having an opening in the Poncho would compromise the product and allow unwanted dirt, rain and other matter to enter.

As an alternative option to allow audio while the Poncho is fitted, we recommend using wireless headphones.

Can I use any screen protector with a Quad Lock case?

Not all 3rd party screen protectors will work with a Quad Lock case. Because the case needs to hold phones firmly over sometimes-bumpy surfaces our cases include partial coverage at the front of the phone which can push into the edges of some screen protectors.

The good news is we have our own range of screen protectors for most of the phones that we provide cases for. These have around 1mm of clearance between the edge of the case and the phone's screen. You can purchase those here.

How do I work out which phone model I have to buy the correct case?

 The best way to work out which model phone you have is to check in the phones settings.

  • Apple Users: Settings > General > About
  • Android Users: Settings > About Phone