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Tripod / Selfie Stick - Know it all!
Tripod / Selfie Stick - How to Use


What's the difference between the Tripod Adaptor and the Tripod/Selfie Stick? Which one would you recommend?

The Tripod Adaptor is designed to be attached to your existing Tripod Stand. It is not a complete mounting solution and does not have a dual-locking lever head.

The Tripod/Selfie Sticks gives you a full Tripod setup as well as a Selfie Stick for capturing your best angles.

I can't reach my phone to take a photo if it's on a selfie stick. Is there a Bluetooth activation button that I can pair with my phone?

Whilst some other selfie sticks do have this function, the Quad Lock Tripod/Selfie Stick does not come with a Bluetooth activation button.

The best method to capture a photo is to use the self timer on your phone's camera app.

Can I attach a MAG head to the Tripod/Selfie Stick?

If you're not using the Tripod/Selfie Stick for a low/medium impact activity then you're welcome to attach a MAG head to the Tripod/SS.

This will hold your phone less securely as there's no lock on the MAG head, but is faster and easier to attach and remove the device.

How much strain/force can the Selfie Stick tolerate

We've designed the Selfie Stick function to tolerate low impact activities such as walking, running, cruising on a skateboard etc.

We would not recommend the Selfie Stick for high-energy activities such as snowboarding over jumps, bungee jumping etc, as the impacts from these environments may put additional strain on the arm of the Selfie Stick.

The further extended the arm, the more force the phone will apply to the selfie stick.