MAG Wallet


MAG Wallet Introduction


Can I use my phone's contactless payment whilst my card is in the MAG Wallet? (Apple Pay/Samsung Wallet etc)

You sure can, though if there's a debit/credit card in the wallet we can't guarantee which payment method will be read by the scanner first.

Is the wallet made of real leather?

No, the Wallet is made of PU which is a fake leather and the Wallet is considered a vegan product.

Can you wirelessly charge through the Mag Wallet?

No, the Mag Wallet must be removed to wirelessly charge your phone

What size cards does it fit?

The Mag Wallet is suited for standard ID and credit card sizes: 85.6mm x 53.98mm

Will the magnets in the wallet damage my cards?

The magnets aren’t strong enough to effect the magnetic swipe strips in credit cards (these swipe strips are generally black)

However, swipe cards that are often used for temporary purposes (such as paper parking tickets) may be effected / damaged by the Mag Wallet. (These swipe strips are generally dark brown).

Will my cards fall out if the Mag Wallet is held upside down?

No, there's an internal spring that will hold 1-3 cards in place.

Does it block RFID signals?

No, our MAG Wallet doesn't contain any RFID Blocking.


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