Sports Armband


Sports Armband Installation


What arm sizes will the Armband fit?

The Sports Armband is adjustable to fit any arm size between circumference 17cm (6.5") to 38cm (15")

The velcro on my armband has worn out, can I replace the strap?

Yes, you sure can! You can purchase a replacement here.

Below is a quick image guide on replacing this.

Armband Strap

Can I wash the Armband?

The Quad Lock Armband is hand washable only, in cold water.

You can take the Armband strap off of the plastic bracket and put it through a cold gentle hand wash. Please ensure you take the strap off the plastic mounting part before washing.

Please do not put the armband in washing machine as this can make the velcro or the seams deteriorate much faster than it normally would.


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