Original Case


How to remove your Quad Lock Case


Can I use the original case with a MAG Mount or MAG Head?

Unfortunately no, our MAG locking system requires the MAG phone case due to the magnets built into it, which aren't contained in the original case. Our whole range of twist-to-lock mounts and accessories will work with both the original and MAG Phone Cases.

My 3rd party screen protector is lifting up on the sides when I install my Quad Lock case, why is this?

Quad Lock case is designed to completely cover the edges of your phone. Because the case needs to hold phones firmly over sometimes-bumpy surfaces this includes partial coverage at the front of the phone which can push into the edges of some screen protectors.

The good news is we have our own range of screen protectors for most of the phones that we provide cases for. These have around 1mm of clearance between the edge of the case and the phone's screen. You can purchase those here.