Wireless CarPlay Adaptor


Wireless Apple CarPlay Adaptor Installation


How is the connection made between the CarPlay Adaptor and an iPhone?

The CarPlay Adaptor requires both Bluetooth and WiFi to maintain a connection. The steps are as follows:

  • User connects their phone to the CarPlay Adaptor via Bluetooth in the Bluetooth menu in their iPhone
  • The device then uses this Bluetooth connection to automatically connect the phone to the adaptor over Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi has to be turned on in the phone)
  • The phone will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection and maintains connection over Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth showing as disconnected in the phone's settings is the correct function of the device

  • If the phone is connected to the CarPlay Adaptor over Wi-Fi, does this mean other Wi-Fi connections can't be used?

    Correct, as the connection is maintained over Wi-Fi the phone can not use Wi-Fi for other functions, such as hotspotting other devices, or connecting to in-car Wi-Fi.

    Can I connect multiple devices to the same Wireless CarPlay Adaptor?

    You sure can!
    If AUTOCONNECT is turned on, the CarPlay Adaptor will automatically connect to the last connected iPhone, though you can cancel this by clicking the "Cancel" button on the infotainment screen, which will then show a list of previously connected devices.

    To connect a new phone, you just need to connect via the bluetooth settings on the iPhone by selecting the device in the list titled "QUAD LOCK XXXX"

    Once a phone has been connected once, it can take over the bluetooth connection from another device any time by simply clicking the QUAD LOCK product from the phone's bluetooth settings again.

    Can I use this CarPlay Adaptor with my Android phone?

    Unfortunately not. CarPlay is a program for car infotainment systems designed by Apple for Apple devices only. We do not currently have a wireless connection solution for Android Auto, which is the Android equivalent of CarPlay.

    Does the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor have a USB Port to charge from?

    The CarPlay Adaptor does have a USB A Output that can be used to charge devices. Though this only provides an output of 5W (5V/1A), which is the minimum output for charging phones.

    Can I power my QL Wireless Charging Head from the USB Output of the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor?

    The Wireless Charging Heads can be plugged into this USB Port, but due to the low power output it may prevent both the CarPlay Adaptor and Wireless Charging Head from functioning correctly.

    The task of powering the Wireless Charging Head is better suited to a 10W or higher USB output, such as those found on newer car dashboards, or from a cigarette lighter adaptor like our Dual USB Car Charger.

    Why does the device show as disconnected right after connecting via Bluetooth in my iPhone's Bluetooth settings?

    This is a normal function of the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor. The device makes the initial connection or "handshake" between the iPhone and CarPlay Adaptor via Bluetooth and uses this connection to tether the devices automatically over WiFi where the connection will be maintained.

  • Initial "handshake" = Bluetooth
  • Maintained connection and data transfer = WiFi