Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head - FAQ

Q. What Mounts does it fit? 

A. It fits all our motorbike mounts and mounts which feature our index connecting feature such as the Out Front Mount Pro. 



Q. What power requirements does the charging head require? 

A: Whilst some bikes have a USB port pre-installed, riders without this option will need to provide their own motorcycle USB power supply. This needs to have a minimum power output of 5V 2A to power the wireless charger sufficiently. We also recommend QC 2.0 to achieve faster charging speeds if supported by your device.


Q. Do you sell a USB power supply that is compatible with the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head? 

A. We sure do! This is called our Waterproof 12V to USB Smart Adaptor, and it's designed specifically to bridge the gap between your motorcycle's battery and the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head. It features an Auto function to keep the device off until the battery voltage rises above 13.5V and turn off when input voltage drops below 12.5V. Perfect for a motorcycle, ATV, etc, to avoid battery drain.


Q. Is there Wireless Charger compatible with the vibration dampener?

A. Yes:) See below for the recommended installation guide


Q. Can I mount the Wireless Charger on top of the Moto USB? 

A. Yes you can but you will need a knuckle adapter or extension arm will be required to complete the installation with the screws provided.




Q. What's the difference between this and the standard Wireless Charging Head?

A. There are several differences between this charger and our Car/Desk Mount wireless head. As this charger is designed for outdoor use on motorcycles it needs to withstand vibration, impacts, UV, and be resistant to chemicals (petrol, oil etc) which requires more durable materials and a very robust design.      

 Our Weatherproof Wireless Charger provides following features: 

  • Patented Dual Stage lock for secure mounting
  • Anodized Aluminium rear housing to keep it cool while charging. 
  • IP66 water resistance enclosure so you can ride in the rain and wash your bike
  • Thermal protection to prevent overheating.   


Q. Will it drain my battery if I leave my bike parked?

The Moto Wireless Charger may draw a small amount of power from your battery when not in use depending on how you have wired it up. 

If you wire the charger via a factory USB port or wire it into switched supply (light circuit or accessories) it will switch off when the circuit is switched off and will not draw power.

If you wire it via a SAE connector/directly to your battery, the device will draw a very slight current when not in use (unless using our 12V to USB Smart Adaptor in Auto mode of course, in which case the device will shut off when the battery drops to 12.5V) 

If the power button on the wireless head is switched on, it will draw 12mA. If the power button on the wireless head is switched off, it will draw 6mA 

An average motorcycle battery this will take about 1 month to drain at 12mA or 2 months at 6mA. We recommend disconnecting the charger from the battery if you bike is parked and not started for prolonged periods. 

If your phone is left attached to the charging head it will continue to draw current and charge, even if your bike’s ignition is turned off if wired directly to the battery. 

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