Motorcycle - Handlebar Clamp Bolt Mount

Motorcycle - Handlebar Clamp Bolt Mount


Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mounts - How To


How many times can the bolt with threadlocker be installed?

A total of three times before the thread locker is exhausted, if this occurs we recommend picking up a replacement base as part of our 360 Range.

Can I use the Single Bolt Base with other 360 products?

Yes, it is fully interchangeable with the current 360 range of products, including arms, heads and the Vibration Dampener.

Where do I install the Handlebar Clamp Mount?

This is the 'handlebar clamp' region of a motorcycle. The screw size here is an M8, which is the size of the Handlebar Clamp Mount's screw with threading. If you require assistance determining if the mount is compatible with your motorcycle please contact our dedicated support team.


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