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Wireless Charging Pad Introduction
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Can I use the Wireless Charging Pad with an Original Quad Lock Phone Case?

We don't recommend this combo. Whilst you can charge a phone in an Original Case on the Charging Pad, it won't automatically locate your phone in the correct position on the charging pad so we can't guarantee that this will charge as efficiently as in our MAG Case

I want to put one of these beside my bed to charge my phone at night, can I turn off the LED light?

You don't have to! Our Wireless Charging Pad features a night mode, using a light sensor it will detect when it's being used in a dark room and turn off the LEDs automatically.

What kind of charge rates should I expect from a wireless charger?

There are many variables which can impact the charge rate of your phone such as battery percentage, applications, having the screen on/off and ambient temperature all have an impact.

Different phone manufacturers also implement different approaches to manage the charge rate in the aim to protect the phone's battery.

Best Case Scenario

  • Almost flat battery (Less than 5%)
  • No Apps running, especially ones which use the GPS
  • Screen off
  • Low ambient temperature (~20 degrees C) in shade

    We've seen charge rates of 1% increase every 2 minutes or a 30% increase in battery charge every hour.

    Worst Case Scenario

  • The battery is almost full (Above 80%)
  • Running lots of Apps, one using GPS (maps etc)
  • Screen on
  • Hot day (30 degrees C) and in direct sunlight
  • You may only see a 1% charge increase every 10 mins. 6% battery level increase in 1 hour.

    Why does my phone get hot when using the wireless charger?

    Wireless charging is only 70-80% efficient so the additional 20-30% of energy is converted into heat. In normal conditions, this is not usually a problem, however, using the wireless charger in your car in direct sunlight can compound the issue and cause some phones to overheat.

    Apple's guide to temperature regulation, which has some crossover with other phone brands, recommends keeping your phone out of direct sunlight or operating in a hot vehicle.

    If this happens, remove your phone from the charger and allow it to cool before continuing to charge. If possible, positioning the phone/charger near an A/C vent can help keep the phone and charger cool.

    We have further information about expected wireless charging speeds and the effects of heat over here.

    Can I stick down the Wireless Charging Pad to keep it secure?

    The Wireless Charging Pad features a re-usable nano suction adhesive base. This will act like a regular adhesive when being stuck down, except you can remove it and reinstall elsewhere as many times as you like.

    My Charging Pad isn't sticking down after being pulled off the desk anymore, is there a solution?

    Over time the nano-suction adhesive on the base of these can pick up dust and fibres that can affect how firmly the unit holds in place.

    The good news is this can be easily fixed by using sticky tape or a lint roller to pick up anything from the base, once you've gone over the whole surface, have another go at attaching this to your desk.