Suction Windscreen/Dash Mount


Suction Windscreen/Dash Mount Installation


How do I install the Suction Cup Car Mount?

1. Make sure the windscreen is clean, we recommend cleaning the glass with an alcohol based cleaner. Ensure that the surface is dry and any residue has evaporated before applying the suction cup.

NOTE: Do not use silicon based cleaners, as the residue from the silicon reduces the ability for suction cups to stick!

2. Make sure the suction cup is free from any dust, dirt or damage. The suction cup can be cleaned using warm soapy water.

Check out the instruction video in the tutorial section above for a full walkthrough.

Can I remove the Suction Cup from my windshield and move it to another car?

You can, but the adhesive gel on the suction cup can pick up dust, fibres and grease, especially if it's been removed and re-attached, so we recommend giving the suction cup a wash with warm soapy water, then leaving this to air-dry.

Here is a video that runs through the cleaning steps in greater detail:

My suction cup isn't sticking anymore, do you have a solution?

We recommend first cleaning the Gel Pad using the method detailed above in the Tutorial section. If it's still not staying stuck in the installed location get in touch with our support team and they'll look into a warranty for you if necessary!