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MAG Battery Pack How To


Is the Battery Pack waterproof?

No. It has no IP rating so don't get it wet or cover it in dirt or sand. This is standard for these types of products.

Why does the Battery Pack feel hot when I charge my phone?

The heat generated is a bi-product of wireless charging. Heat is generated from transferring charge from the battery (both wirelessly and wired) and transferred to the rear casing which is why it gets hot. The heat has to go somewhere and it is better (and safer) for it to go to the casing than the battery or the electronics.

The heat generated is a trade off with charging speed and product size and is still within and the Battery Pack functions within IEC Safety Standards.

Can it power another charger?

It sure can, but only up to 18W charge speeds. so you can plug in a Apple Watch charger (3W) or our Dual Desk charger (18W) and it will provide power to it.

How long does the battery pack hold its charge for when it isn't in use?

A long long time. The battery pack has a very low passive discharge rate of 2V and 22.5 microamps (0.000025A) so theoretically it would take over 200,000 hours (22+ years) to discharge whilst not in use

Can I charge the battery pack from my laptop or docking station?

It is possible but unlikely. Your laptop or dock will have to have a dedicated PD (Power Delivery) USB-C port which most don’t. For example Macbooks don’t have dedicated PD USB-C port so you won't be able to charge the battery back from one of these (unless they change things)

How quickly will the MAG Battery Pack charge my phone?

Wireless charging provides 70-80% of a full charge to smart phone in approximately 2 hours*

*Based on tests done with the iPhone 13/14 range and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in ambient conditions (20-23 degrees celsius) with no apps running and screen locked. Amount of filled battery differs between different phones with different battery capacities.

Due to large battery, Google Pixel 6 and 7 Pro will charge ~50% in 2 hours.

How many times can I charge my phone with a fully charged Battery Pack?

This depends on how much charge the phone has before you attach the Battery Pack. For most phones, a fully charged MAG Battery Pack will charge the device from 0% to around 70%-80% in 2 hours before depleting.

I can't find the MAG Battery Pack on your website

The MAG Battery Pack is currently unavailable with no date of when we will restock it. We do apologise for any disappointment this may cause.