Waterproof 12V to USB Smart Adaptor


Waterproof 12V to USB Smart Adaptor Installation


How does the Smart Adaptor's auto mode work?

When in AUTO mode the adaptor will turn on and off automatically based on the voltage read from the bike's battery. If the voltage rises above 13.5V the Smart Adaptor will turn on (when the ignition is turned on) and when the input voltage drops below 12.5V it will turn off automatically (when the bike is turned off).

What if the Smart Adaptor isn't turning off when I turn my bike off?

If you have a newer battery, sometimes these will hold the voltage for a bit longer after the ignition is turned off. Try leaving your phone attached to the connected wireless charger when you turn off the bike's ignition - this will draw out the remaining voltage to drop below the threshold.

If this still doesn't cause the Smart Adaptor switch off, feel free to get in touch with our support team using the link at the bottom of this page so that they can look into a warranty if needed.

Can I use AUTO mode if I have a high powered or lithium ion battery?

Most lithium ion batteries tend to sit at a resting voltage quite a bit higher than 12.5V, anywhere between 13V and 14V, so the AUTO function won't work as it will with a lead acid battery.

Thankfully, the device will still turn off it if ever manages to drain the battery down to 12.5V, though with only the small LED on the wireless charging head being powered (which will only draw milliamps) the battery may never actually drop that low, so the only ill effect is that the LED light will remain lit.

For peace of mind you can just switch the wireless charger off using its power button.

Does the Smart Adaptor feature a fuse?

The 12V to USB Smart Adaptor features an inbuilt In-line safety fuse, this is to protect the device from any rapid surges in power. The blowing of this fuse is very rare but can happen and if so, you can purchase a new one and most electrical stores or online.

If you need to replace this fuse for any reason, it is a 3A (3 amp) Mini Fuse.