Vibration Dampener compatibility

Is the Vibration Dampener compatible with my current motorcycle mount setup?

The Vibration Dampener is compatible with all Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts, including the Motorcycle USB Charger and the Weatherproof Wireless Charger.

For best performance, the Dampener should be installed as close to the phone as possible. The image below which shows the preferred order in which to install the different Quad Lock items you have.

*Please note, if you wish to use the Moto USB charger with the vibration dampener, a knuckle adapter or extension arm will be required to complete the installation



Do I need a Vibration Dampener for my bicycle?

We have designed our Vibration Dampener to be used specifically with motorcycle mounts to reduce the levels of high-frequency vibrations that can affect image stabilisation on new smartphones. Currently, this is only a known issue with some motorcycles, not bicycles.

It does, however, share the same connecting feature as the Out Front Mount Pro and can be attached to this bike mount if desired for your bicycle.

The Vibration Dampener is not compatible with the standard Out Front Mount or bike Handlebar/Stem Mount.

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