Samsung S20 and S21 series not Fast Wirelessly Charging


Due to recent updates from Samsung fast wireless charging capabilities with 3rd party chargers for the S20 & S21 range seem to be restricted. 

This restriction is affecting a number of charging brands and is not an exclusive issue to Quad Lock. 

We have updated our website to notify customers of these limitations to the charging speeds of the car / desk & weatherproof wireless chargers.

If you are experiencing this issue we suggest installing the latest updates from Samsung and restarting your phone. If that doesn't help, please contact us directly. for further assistance.

For more information please refer to the link to the Samsung forum below with others experiencing the same issue with a wide range of 3rd party wireless chargers.


What does this mean for charge times?

In our testing the speed difference between fast and normal wireless charging is minimal. Why is this? Wireless charging generates heat as it is not that efficient. To protect the phone's battery from overheating, charging speeds are regulated by the phone. As the phone's battery heats up, the phone slows down the rate of charge to control temperatures thus increasing the charge time. Fast charging requires more power to be transferred to the phone which generates more heat. In reality, a 15w wireless charger will not charge a phone three times faster than a 5w charger. In our testing, you generally see a 10-20% difference in time for a full battery charge (this will vary based on many variables such as phone CPU usages and the environment - ambient temp).     





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