Magsafe & iPhone 12 wireless charging compatibility

Magsafe & iPhone 12

Due to the thickness of the Quad Lock mounting feature, the Apple Magsafe charger will not magnetically attach when using a Quad Lock Case. 

Apple has also made changes to the iPhone 12 models which reduced the wireless charging range by approximately 50%. Unfortunately, this means that the Magsafe charger is unable to charge iPhone 12's when using a Quad Lock case. 

However previous iPhone models (iPhone 8 through to iPhone 11) do charge using the Magsafe wireless charger but the phone will need to be aligned manually on the Magsafe charger.   


3rd Party Wireless Chargers

If you are having issues wirelessly charging your iPhone 12 with a Quad Lock case on 3rd party wireless chargers it is most likely due to the reduced charging range of the iPhone 12. Correct alignment of the phone on the center of the charging coil can help however if you still cannot get it to charge you will need to remove the case. 

We apologize for the inconvenience. 


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