How can I get more adjustability on my motorcycle mount?

If you're installing our Handlebar Mount on angled bars or just want more adjustability from your motorcycle mount, the Quad Lock Knuckle Adaptor or 360 Single Pivot Arm might be just what you're looking for. 


Knuckle Adaptor


The Knuckle Adaptor adds 180º (vertical) x 360º (horizontal) of adjustability.


360 Pivot Arm


The Single Pivot Arm adds the same lever of adjustability, but can be adjusted on the go with a locking nut if you'd rather leave the allen key at home! 

MORE adjustability please! 


You can achieve twice the adjustability with one of our 360 Dual Pivot Arms. The two ball heads at either end also offer 180 degrees and 360 degrees movement for greater angle options.

These come in two different sizes and feature a thumb screw for easy adjustment on the go, or a hex screw for anti-theft protection.





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