Bike Lights for our Camera/Light Adaptor

If you're looking for a light to mount under your Out Front Mount using our Action Camera Adaptor, the Quad Lock team have come across some great options which may work for you below. 


Garmin Varia UT



Shredlights Quad Lock Light Pack

Shredlights make a Light Pack that is designed to attach to Quad Lock's Action Camera Adaptor.



Bontrager Adaptors

Bontrager have various adaptors to suit their ION range of lights for attached to our Action Camera Mount.


Lezyne Adaptors

Leyzyne adaptors suited for their range of lights to attach to our Action Camera Mount. 



Straight Arm Extensions

If you find you don't have enough room under the Out Front Mount to get the desired angle, you can add a straight arm extension to give you more adjustment. 

Here is just one example below.


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