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Q: Does the Motorcycle USB Charger draw current if left plugged into the battery?

A: The charger draws a current if there's a phone plugged into it, whether the bike is running or not. When a phone is not connected, the charger will not draw power.

Q: Will the Motorcycle USB Charger still work if water enters the USB port?

A: Yes, the USB port is IP68 rated which means it's water resistant up to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. The Moto USB charger as a whole is IP66 rated which can withstand high pressure water such as cleaning your bike, rain, dust and dirt. Any water sitting in the port will not affect charging.

Q: Is there a cover for the USB charging port?

A: No. there is no cover for the port opening. 

Q: What mounts is the Motorcycle USB Charger compatible with?

A: The USB charger is compatible with all Quad Lock Moto Mounts (Handlebar, Mirror or Fork Stem) and the 1" Ball Adaptor.

Q: Will the charger work with an input of 6V?

A: No, the Motorcycle USB charger requires 10V or higher.

Q: What is the input requirement for the Motorcycle USB Charger?

A: The input requirement for the Moto USB are 12V - 24V DC.

Q: I can't see a fuse on the Motorcycle USB Charger?

A: The USB charger has an inbuilt self-healing Polyfuse and Surge Protection. It also has Polarity Protection which prevents damage to the charger if wired up incorrectly.

Q: How does the charger connect to the mount?

A: The USB charger sits in between the lever head and the mount, as referenced in the diagram below.


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