Moto USB Charger - FAQ

Does the MOTO USB Charger draw current if left plugged to battery?

The Moto USB charger only draws a current if there's a phone plugged into it, whether the bike is running or not. Without a phone connected the charger will not draw power.

Will Moto USB Charger still work if water enters USB port?

Yes, the USB port is IP68 rated - sealed to prevent water coming in contact with other circuitry. The Moto USB charger as a whole is IP66 rated (can withstand high pressure water such as cleaning bike and of course rain, dust & dirt). Any water sitting in the port will not affect the charging.

Does Moto USB Charger port have a seal for opening?

No there is no seal for port opening. 

What mounts is the Moto USB Charger compatible with?

The USB charge is compatible with the Quad Lock Moto Mounts (Handlebar, Mirror or Fork Stem) or 1" Ball Adaptor.

Will Moto USB Charger work at 6V input?

No, the Moto USB charger requires 10V or more.

What is input requirement for Moto USB Charger?

The input requirement for the Moto USB are 12V - 24V DC.

I can't see a fuse on the Moto USB Charger?

The Moto USB charger has an inbuilt self-healing Polyfuse and Surge Protection. It also has Polarity Protection which prevents damage to the charger if wired up incorrectly.

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