Where is my order?

We work closely with our delivery providers to meet the estimated delivery times, however there are a small number of orders that don't meet these expectation for varying reasons. 


My order hasn't arrived yet

  1. Check the order tracking page on the delivery companies website and view the tracking history to see the current and previous touch points.
  2. Contact the delivery company directly
  3. If the delivery company say the order has been delivered, follow the steps below in "My order says delivered but I haven't receive it yet".
  4. Contact our support team for further assistance

On occasions orders can take much longer than the quoted delivery time frame to arrive. International deliveries, in extreme case, can take up to six weeks longer than quoted depending on the local postal service.

If you have checked the above and still have not received your order please submit a support request and our team will chase it up for you.


My order says delivered but I haven't received it yet


On the rare occasion, your package may be marked as delivered by the delivery company but you are yet to receive it.

  1. Check the shipping address entered at the time of purchase is correct. 
  2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery (delivery card from postal company).
  3. In some countries, delivery companies may leave your package with a neighbour, someone in your building / complex or a shop next to your building. Ask around to see if someone has accepted the package for you.
  4. Contact the delivery company with your tracking number to seek further clarification of where they left the package or if they have taken to a delivery centre for you to pick up. 
  5. In rare cases, packages may say delivered prior to arrival. It's worth waiting 48 hours to see if the delivery arrives.
  6. Contact our support team, we will be happy to look into this for you.


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