Do you make Wireless Charging Products?

Yes we do! - Check them out here: Quad Lock Wireless Charging Products

You can purchase the Wireless Charging Head separately and upgrade your existing mount if you already own a Car Mount or Desk Mount, or you can be purchase a complete kit.

For motorcycle riders that want to charge on the go, we have our Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head

This can be attached to any of our Motorcycle Mounts. We also have our Motorcycle USB charger (not wireless) that provides a direct, wired connection to your phone on your bike.

Key Features of the Quad Lock Wireless Charging Head

  • 5w, 7.5w, and 10w Fast Charging
  • LED indicator lights (which can be switched on and off)
  • Secure mounting
  • Adjustable gimbal head for optimal viewing angle
  • Thermal protection to prevent overheating
  • Foreign object protection

Key Features of the Quad Lock Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head

  • Dual-stage lock
  • Surge/Polarity Protection
  • Built from a combination of die-cast aluminum and reinforced plastics
  • 5W, 7.5W & 10W charging (fast charging capabilities)
  • IP66 Water-Resistant
  • Minimum recommended input from 5V/2A USB-A port
  • LED light for status indication
  • Portrait or Landscape mounting for optimal viewing
  • Aluminum rear housing to dissipate heat
  • CE/FCC certified
  • On/Off button to power device

Don't forget you'll need a Quad Lock Case to attach your phone to the Wireless Charging Head.





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