Does the Quad Lock work on motorcycles/motorbikes or scooters?

The Quad Lock Mounting System has been used successfully by a many of our customers on their motorbikes. Whether it will work on your bike depends on the type of dash you have.

The bike mount is designed to attached to a bar between 25-40mm so if your bike has an exposed section of handle bar than it should work. The Bike Mount is provided with rubber o-rings and zip ties. We recommend using the zip ties to firmly secure the mount if riding at high speed or over rough terrain. 

You can find our Bike Mount here:

For those motorcyclists who like to film their rides or prefer their phone to be positioned in front or over the handlebars for improved aerodynamics, the Quad Lock Out Front Mount can also be used in conjunction with our GoPro Adaptor on motorcycle tubes that are 31.7mm and 25.4mm. The Out Front Mount is screwed into place. The GoPro adaptor can be purchased separately.

You can find our Out Front Mount here:

Check out our blog to see some of the photos sent in by customers using the Quad Lock on their motorbikes:


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