Can I use a screen protector with the Quad Lock case/poncho?

Screen protectors with Quad Lock Case

To keep your smartphone safe and secure, the Quad Lock case wraps tightly around the sides of your smartphone and overlaps a few mm's of the front glass. This overlap means that not all screen protectors will work with the Quad Lock case.

iPhone 4/5 have flat front glass which most screen protectors go right to the edge of creating an issue with the Quad Lock case. Some plastic screen protectors can be trimmed if this is a problem. Glass screen protectors unfortunately cannot be trimmed. 

iPhone 6/7 have curved edges. Some glass screen protectors do not go all the way to the edges hence they can work with the Quad Lock case. As long as the screen protector does not contact the edge of the case it should work fine. 

If you know of a particular brand that works with our case please let us know.

Screen protector with Poncho

The screen protector's added thickness combined with the poncho will make the screen much less responsive and sometimes have no response at all. Modern smartphone screens are usually made with toughened glass making them very scratch resistant so you can get away without a screen protector. We do not recommend the use of a screen protector if you are using the Quad Lock Poncho. 



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