Does the Bike Mount come in different colours?

The original Bike Mount is blue and we sell interchangeable collars in red, white and black. 

Red, white and black collars

If red, white, black or Quad Lock blue isn't your thing, you can purchase a bike mount collar in 6 alternative colours as a 3D printed part provided by Shapeways. The surface finish is not as smooth as an injection molded part but it functions just as the original.

Check out the available colours here-

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    Brett Ryan

    Sounds like the Model-T Ford (any customer can have a car painted any colour he likes, so long as it's black). Then came the Model A in four colours (1928).

    Unfortunately my mrs was considering a quad lock but said no to black, so did a runner friend of mine.

    I thibk you gonna have to introduce colours like Henry eventually had to do :)