Do the bicycle mounts and MAG Case Ring come in different colors?

Yes, you can replace the blue mount collar, lever and MAG ring buy purchasing a replacement part. In additional to the Quad Lock blue, we also have colors available in Red, White and Black for the levers and collars. In the MAG Rings, we also have red, pink, green, blue, black, green and orange.

Colours for Lever Mounts, Stem Mounts and Coloured MAG Rings.

Coloured Lever - Lever MountsColoured Collar - Stem/Bar MountMAG Case - Colored Ring


If Red, White, Black or Blue isn't your thing, you can purchase a bike mount collar as a 3D printed part in other colours which are shipped directly by our partner Shapeways. As these are 3D Printed parts, the surface finish may not be as smooth as injection moulding. Check out Shapeways for a 3D printed Quad Lock Bike Mount Collar here.


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