Can you wirelessly charge you phone when using a Quad Lock Case?

Yes, we recommend using a Quad Lock Wireless Charger to provide the best wireless charging experience. Some 3rd party wireless charging will work with our cases but not all 3rd party wireless chargers. We have tested several market leading Qi™ Certified wireless chargers and have found that some wireless charging works through a Quad Lock case when using most Certified Qi™ wireless chargers but not all.

If you are experiencing issues with the wireless charging when using our cases here are some things to check:

1) Alignment
Make sure you phone is aligned centrally on the charging pad. Wireless charging requires the phone to be aligned accurately with the charging coil. If its not aligned correctly it won't charge.

2) Power source
Wireless chargers generally require a minimum of 5V 2A power supply. Older USB power adaptors and some USB sockets on PC's and Mac's can only output 1A which for most wireless chargers is not sufficient power. The power requirements for your wireless charger should be labelled on the rear of the product. 

In our testing we found that some non Qi™ Certified chargers did not charge through our cases hence we recommend the use of genuine Qi™ Certified chargers or our Quad Lock Wireless Charging products -





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