Which mount do you recommend for my motorcycle, sportsbike or scooter?

We have three different styles of mounts to suit most motorbikes and scooters:

  • Handle Bar Mount and Handlebar Mount Pro - Suitable for fitment to bikes with exposed handlebars such as naked bikes, cafe racers, motorcross and some sports bikes. 
  • Fork Stem Mount and Fork Stem Mount Pro - Suitable for motorcycles that require mounting in the tube of the fork stem such as sports bikes.
  • Mirror Mount - Suitable for fitment to mirror stems found on classic bikes and scooters and brace bars found on adventure bikes and some motorcross bikes. 


Motorcycle Mount Sizes

Handlebar Mount: 

  • Fits handlebar sizes 22m (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), 32mm (1-¼”) (diameter)


Handlebar Mount Pro:

  • Fits handlebar sizes 22mm (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), 32mm (1-¼”), 35mm (1-⅜”) (diameter)




Fork Stem Mount:

  • Fits tube sizes from 12.7mm to 24mm (internal diameter)


Fork Stem Mount Pro:

  • Fits tube sizes from 12.4mm to 25.4mm (internal diameter)




Mirror Mount 

  • Fits bar sizes 16mm (5/8”), 14mm (9/16”), 12mm (15/32”), 10mm (25/64”)(diameter)




What if none of these options are suitable for my bike? 


For bikes with no suitable mounting position for one of our Handlebar Mounts, Mirror Mount or a suitable stem for the Fork Stem Mounts, riders can use our 1" Ball Adaptor Mount  with an existing RAM Mount.

RAM have lots of options of bases for less standard handlebar/dash areas like their Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mount.

This is an option even for those with a suitable mounting position who want to continue using an existing RAM Base and Socket Arm. 


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