Which mount do you recommended for my motorcycle, sportsbike or scooter?

We have three  different styles of mounts to suit most motorbikes and scooters:

  • Mirror Mount - Suitable for fitment to mirror stems found on classic bikes and scooters and brace bars found on adventure bikes and some motorcross bikes. 
  • Handle Bar Mount - Suitable for fitment to bikes with exposed handlebars such as naked bikes, cafe racers, motorcross and some sports bikes. 
  • 1" Ball Adaptor Mount  - To be used in conjunction with your existing RAM Mount base (Not sold by Quad Lock)  

The video below is a great place to understand more about the Mirror and Handlebar Mount -


 The Motorcycle and Mirror Mounts suit the following bar sizes: 


The link below is a comprehensive guide which illustrates clearance required when fitting each of the Mounts to different types of bikes:

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